Diabetes: Upset by report on incident at restaurant

The McDonalds restaurant on Bridge Street in Banbury
The McDonalds restaurant on Bridge Street in Banbury

I was very interested but also disgusted to read your article headlined ‘McDonald’s accuses diabetic of drug use’ (Banbury Guardian, September 5).

As a 25-year-old who is Type One diabetic I found it very upsetting and frustrating.

As if this lifelong condition isn’t inconvenient enough, you then get accused of taking drugs when it is vital medication.

People need to think about what they are saying and listen.

Surely when the individual explained that she was diabetic then the staff should have understood? This condition is something we have to live with for the rest of our lives – it is four-five injections every day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year.

We shouldn’t have to feel like we are drug users and hide in toilets or be asked to leave restaurants because people are too ignorant, uneducated or unwilling to listen when we explain that we have to do this or we could die!

I have eaten and injected in the McDonald’s concerned and no-one has ever said anything to me, but after reading this I will now feel more uncomfortable when eating there or anywhere else.

A Howkins

Twyford, Adderbury

Amazing Polly

I had to drop you a line about the amazing lady named Polly who has dedicated 25 years helping and caring for the poor in Banbury. She goes out every day of the year to make sure the poor get fed.

She has helped hundreds, including myself and my son, despite her health problems.

Her heart is pure gold, always giving to others. She is a truly remarkable lady who, I am sure, is loved by the poor ones who she helps.

Polly’s love to the poor will remain in their hearts forever and I will never forget her love to us.

Mrs Leigh and son

Ruscote Avenue, 

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