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Letters to the editor: September 15

A selection of letters from this week’s paper

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Horton Hospital - More of your Horton views

More of your Horton views

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Parenting styles discussed

Tiger, free-range – the pros and cons of popular parenting styles

What’s the best way to raise your child? It’s a question that has provoked the publication of numerous books, and seen authors race to coin the next quirky name for a new style of parenting.

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New UK passport criticised

New UK Passport under fire for lack of women

It is a badge of identity which seeks to celebrate some of the best-known cultural figures and landmarks in British life.

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A review into interruption of ambulance crew breaks has been ordered by the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt

Review ordered into ambulance crew breaks

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has ordered a review of break protocol of ambulance crews in the wake of the tragic death of a teenager earlier this year.

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Letters: Tweet outrage - my concern...

Tweet outrage

Sir Tony Baldry


Sir Tony Baldry

Parking in Bankside'. Why are Police ignoring motoring offences?

LETTERS: Bankside - Why no action?



LETTERS: Town Centre - Retail Reality

Over the past few months I have read with interest articles in your paper with regard to the decline of the High Street, the debate regarding the possibility of an element of free parking, the proposals and decisions made regarding “out of town” developments.

The flooded pitch at Spencer Stadium

LETTERS: Flooding - Well said Sir...

Well done the Banbury Guardian and Steve Smith for highlighting the flood risks of building on Banbury United sports ground.

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The location of the planned Castle Quay shopping centre extension

LETTERS: Castle Quay II - Approval Fears

There may be many of your readers who greet the news of the consent for the extension of Castle Quay with mixed emotions.

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The Horton General Hospital

LETTERS: Horton General - Meeting Debacle

By the time this letter is printed it will be the day after the debacle of a meeting that hospital managers arranged in order to appear to be following legally required rules – ie that consultation must take place if a long-standing service is to be removed from a hospital.

Cllr Keith Stangwood is opposesed to the meeting being held at Rye Hill Golf Club

LETTERS: Horton General - Time To Speak

A time to listen and a time to speak. We have reached the 12-month anniversary of the loss of emergency abdominal surgery/emergency general surgery.

The debate over free parking in Banbury town centre continues

LETTERS: Free parking - not ideal world

I write with regards to your ‘Opinion’ piece in last week’s Banbury Guardian – specifically your call for councillors to tell readers what they think over the parking debate.

Your Say
Should there be free parking in Banbury?

LETTERS: Free Parking...your thoughts

I have a sad story to tell....

The proposed Castle Quay extension

Castle Quay II: Society Fears

This evening (Thursday) members of Cherwell District Council will be considering the proposed extension of Castle Quay over the canal and old Spiceball site to include a hotel, supermaket, multiplex cinema, bars and restaurants.

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Parking on residential streets is still a problem

PARKING: Road Hazards

I would like to thank Mr Jordan for once again highlighting the hazard of parked cars along Bankside (Banbury Guardian, December 26).


PARKING: Bankside fears

When are the authorities in Banbury going to take action about Bankside being used as a car park?

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