Working fire alarm saves mother and baby in Bloxham

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service
Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service

Banbury and Deddington firefighters were called to a kitchen fire in Courtington Lane, Bloxham just before 1pm yesterday (Wednesday).

When the crews arrived they discovered that a small fire had occurred when a plastic tray had accidently been placed on top of a hot cooker. The smoke from the fire had been detected by the smoke alarm and this in turn alerted the occupier who was upstairs with a baby.

After evacuating the house and leaving the baby with a neighbour, the occupier returned to the kitchen and dealt with the fire using a bucket of water.

Incident commander John Callaway said, “This incident highlights the importance of having working smoke alarms as they have made the occupier aware of the fire and enabled them to evacuate safely.

“However I must stress the dangers of returning to the fire. Fires, especially those involving plastics, give off highly toxic smoke which can cause serious breathing difficulties, unconsciousness and even death, remember, Get Out, Get the Fire Brigade Out and Stay Out.”