Woman’s three-year wait for house repairs

Yvonne Cartwright at her home in Causeway
Yvonne Cartwright at her home in Causeway

A Banbury woman is waiting for mouldy walls to be repaired in her property more than three years after she reported the problem.

Yvonne Cartwright, 55, has lived at her Sanctuary Housing home in Causeway for about 13 years and when mould first appeared in the kitchen and then spread to her living room, she was told the required work would be carried out.

She said: “I was told contractors would come out to fix the problem but I’m still waiting.

“It is really embarrassing when friends come over and it has really got me down.

“My daughter suffers from asthma and eczema and the doctor has said it has got worse because of the dampness in the house.

“It has left me really depressed and I have had to borrow money off my mum to pay for redecoration.”

Mrs Cartwright, who suffers from chronic pain syndrome and has memory problems, has received help from her children to try to get the work done.

Her son, who serves in the British army, said: “I phoned Sanctuary up before I started the first of three six-month operational tours in Afghanistan three years ago and was told work would be carried out and my mum would be fine.

“It was difficult to try to see if the work had been done while I was away so when I found it hadn’t been done I was so angry.

“I’m at my wits end about the whole situation and am concerned about my mum’s health and welfare.”

Nick Hill, services manager for Sanctuary Maintenance, said: “We apologise for the length of time it has taken to address the matter at Mrs Cartwright’s home and we are very sorry to have let her down.

“Our contractors have been on site this week to begin repairs and will be working closely with Mrs Cartwright to ensure everything is 
completed as quickly as possible.”