Woman lives on £1 a day in aid of charity

Emma Holt NNL-140205-164206001
Emma Holt NNL-140205-164206001

A woman from Banbury spent all last week living on a food and drink budget of just £1 a day as part of a global campaign to raise awareness and funds to help bring about an end to extreme poverty.

Emma Holt, 23, of Middleton Road, works in the human resources team at Oxfam.

She took the Live Below the Line challenge to experience what it really means to live below the poverty line as 1.2 billion people currently have just £1 to feed themselves and their families every day.

She was raising money for Oxfam and the campaign is also supported by more than 30 international development charities.

Miss Holt said: “What’s dawning on me is that this is a big change for me, but over a billion people live below the line every single day and this is just normal for them.

“That’s really not okay and if the money raised this week by me and lots of others can make a difference, then that has to be a good thing.”

The Live Below the Line challenge is supported by celebrities such as Hugh Jackman and so far nearly £500,000 has been raised by people across the UK.

Participants have a maximum budget of just £1 a day to cover both their food and drink for five days and are encouraged to fundraise and spread the word in their communities.

Miss Holt said: “I have been keeping a blog to show the recipes I have been making to get through the week. I won’t miss taking photos of my food, as today I dropped my phone in a bowl of kidney beans and yoghurt!”.

The money raised will go towards Oxfam’s lifesaving work lifting people out of poverty, from supporting food banks for struggling families in the UK, to helping people grow rice on swamps in Liberia to feed their families and communities.

You can read Miss Holt’s blog and sponsor her at https://www.livebelowtheline.com/me/emma

Live Below the Line is an initiative of the Global Poverty Project, an education and campaigning organisation.