Weapons stolen from historic Edgehill pub

MHBG-16-01-14 The replica items at Castle Inn
MHBG-16-01-14 The replica items at Castle Inn

Hook Norton Brewery has offered a reward to anyone who can help recover replica artefacts which were stolen from the historic Castle at Edgehill pub last week.

Some time between the evening of Thursday, January 9 and the morning of Friday, January 10, thieves targeted a secured container next to the pub.

Mark Higgs and Claire Cooper, who took over the Hook Norton Brewery pub in October last year, had only started the refurbishment of the venue a week before they were targeted.

Miss Cooper said: “The items were kept in a secured container next to the pub. Someone’s broken into the container because when we got there in the morning the padlock was just missing. There were lots of things in there but they clearly knew what they were after.”

Among the replica items stolen were muskets, swords, armour and helmets but the brewery does not think any of the items are genuine. Both the pub and the brewery have circulated the news of the theft on Twitter and Facebook.

James Clarke, managing director at Hook Norton Brewery, said: “The power of social media is amazing and I’m confident we’ve reached tens of thousands of people already, so I’m hoping it might give us a lead.

“These are very specific and bespoke items and there is a sizeable reward available to those who can lead us to them.

“It’s just so frustrating that this happens when new people are coming in and investing in the pub.”

Miss Cooper said people have been really helpful, contacting auctioneers and looking online to help find the items.

“We want to say thank you to everyone for sharing on Facebook and Twitter – people are really trying to help,” she said.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Warwickshire Police on 101 or e-mail james@hooky.co.uk.

For a list of all items stolen and more pictures, see www.facebook.com/castleatedgehill