Trees ‘were not cut down for TV reception reasons’

Cllr Colin Clarke at St Louis Meadow Park
Cllr Colin Clarke at St Louis Meadow Park

Trees being cut down in one of Banbury’s established parks has resulted in a fresh complaint from a town resident.

Kenneth Mills of Whimbrel Way has complained about Banbury Town Council’s ‘destruction’ of mature trees at St Louis Meadow Park, including a number of poplars he claims were felled because they were interfering with householders’ television reception.

“I was told by one of the residents that their television pictures were being interfered with and that’s why they were being felled,” said Mr Mills.

“In the past two years they must have felled about 50 trees which are attractive and were a habitat for birds. Now there are stumps everywhere which really are a health and safety hazard,” he said.

Mr Mills said six mature trees had been cut down at the end of his garden taking away a screen. He believes saplings planted this week are a result of his complaints to the council and the Banbury Guardian.

Cllr Colin Clarke of the town council said remedial action has to be taken if trees become unsafe. He said 33 trees had been felled in the park since 2011 for a variety of reasons.

“The seven (poplar) trees were planted 25 years ago and are now unsuitable for their position. They overhang private properties and the consequences of wind damage to the trees could be extremely dangerous.

“The council does not have a policy that allows trees to be felled for TV reception reasons.”