Tales of an actor at The Mill

MHBG-28-02-13 Ents Tales of an Actor
MHBG-28-02-13 Ents Tales of an Actor

A HIGHLY accomplished actor given a perfect accolade by his mentor, the theatrical legend Steven Berkoff, performs a stunning one-man show at The Mill Theatre, Banbury next month.

George Dillon’s solo staging of Graft – Tales of an Actor, Berkoff’s collection of short stories is described as a unique masterclass.

Berkoff himself said of this hugely talented thespian: “The best example of how to perform is George Dillon”.

Graft – a must for students and all theatre-goers – goes on stage at The Mill on Wednesday, March 13 and there will be a post-show discussion with the actor. In the production, Dillon takes Berkoff’s 11 short stories and performs them as a series of scenes from an actor’s life.

“The eye Berkoff casts on an actor’s life is very astute. He shows not the glamorous view but the reality of being unemployed most of the time, being turned down at auditions, the low self esteem and the desperation to find something to fulfil one’s ambitions,” said Dillon.

“But it is also about finding, just once, that Big One, the dream role that makes it all worthwhile, where the body, spirit and heart are completely absorbed.” Graft takes the audience from the first audition for drama school to the final curtain call at Leicester Square, unflinchingly exposing the reality and questioning the sacrifice.

George Dillon first acted in a student production of Berkoff’s East nearly thirty years ago and has since worked with the writer, actor and director on five productions and has produced and starred in another eight with his own company, Vital Theatre.

The show takes place on Wednesday, (March 3) at 7.30pm. Tickets cost £12 or £10 and are available by calling the box office on 01295 279002.