Students across Banburyshire pick up their GCSE results

Pupils are collecting their GCSE results in schools across Banburyshire today (Thursday).

The Banbury Guardian has been busy this morning visit schools, chatting to students and receving photos and results from those celebrating their achievements.

Banbury Academy students Aaron Austin, Amber Guntrip and Anam Iqbal celebrating their GCSE results NNL-140821-120718001

Banbury Academy students Aaron Austin, Amber Guntrip and Anam Iqbal celebrating their GCSE results NNL-140821-120718001

We are still awaiting more results and pictures so as soon as we have them we will update the article.

How did your school perform?

Banbury Academy

Number of pupils sitting:

Percentage of those achieving five or more A* - C -

Julia Ingham, Vice Principal, said: “It’s another fantastic set of results and it reflects the hard work that both the students and staff have put in over the last few years and I’m immensely proud of them.”

Blessed George Napier

Number of pupils sitting: 139

Percentage of those achieving five or more A* - C - 58%

Head teacher Fraser Long said: “We’ve got some really good teacher and some really great kids.

“What’s important is the progress. The progress pupils have made in English, Maths and Science is really outstanding and our RE results and French results are fantastic. It really is down to the parents and the children and the teachers and we’re a wonderful school.”

North Oxfordshire Academy

Number of pupils sitting: 162

Percentage of those achieving five or more A* - C - 52%

Today was a celebration at North Oxfordshire Academy as the percentage of students receiving five or more A*-C grades including English and Maths has risen to 52 per cent from last year’s 48 per cent.

Principal Sara Billins said: “I am very pleased that we have improved across the board on last year’s results. We continue to move forward steadily as a school, consolidating progress as we go. I am delighted on behalf of those students celebrating their results today and congratulate them on their success. I would also like to thank our staff for their hard work, commitment and enthusiasm which is so pivotal in our students’ achievement.”

Notable successes included Katherine Piper’s outstanding five A*s and five As, Ella Wilton’s ten GCSEs at grades A* and A, Cameron Parnham, with ten A*-B grades including six A*s, James Rawlinson’s ten A*-Cs, including five A* and A grades, Julie Hodge, with ten GCSES at grades A*-C, including six A*s and As and Andi Louise Matzen’s ten A*-Cs including seven grades at A* or A.

The Warriner

Number of pupils sitting: 215

Percentage of those achieving five or more A* - C - 65%

Head teacher Annabel Kay said: “The results are fabulous. 15 of our departments have had their best results ever and English got 79 per cent A*-C and Maths got 80 per cent A* -C.The progress is just incredible and it’s the best progress the school has ever made. They’ve worked their socks off and I’m really proud of them.”

Tudor Hall

Number of pupils sitting: 46

Percentage of those achieving five or more A* - C - 100%

68% of the pupils achieved A*-A, 44% of all candidate had eight or more A* and As and 94% of all candidates doing Biology, Chemistry and Physics achieved A* or A grades.

Sibford School

Number of pupils sitting: 57

Percentage of those achieving five or more A* - C - 63%

Nearly a third of pupils got a raft of results that included at least five grades at A* or A, and 33% of pupils achieved at least one A*.

Science subjects once again scored highly with 100% of students taking Chemistry and Physics achieving A* - C grades. Similar results were also achieved in Drama, History and RE while all candidates taking French GCSE obtained an A* or an A. Overall 82.5% of pupils achieved 5 or more GCSEs at A* - C.

Alice Abrey received seven A*s, two As and a B. Molly King and Jade Spencer both received five A*s and five A grades and Laura Grant received four A*s, six As.

Head teacher Michael Goodwin said: “This year’s results come against a background of a reduction in coursework and modular units and a much

greater emphasis on exams at the end of the two-year course. As a Quaker school we take an altogether less stressful approach to achievement, focussing not purely on climbing the academic ladder, but on developing a personal love of learning so that achievement comes

naturally and I think that today’s results clearly demonstrate the impact of this approach.

“In a year when Ofqual, the exam regulator, is warning that schools will face ‘variability’ in their results compared with last year, I am absolutely delighted with our grades here at Sibford and would like to congratulate both pupils and staff on their achievements.”

Kineton High School

Number of pupils sitting: 149

Percentage of those achieving five or more A* - C - 68%

Kineton High Schools students showed record breaking progress as 68% got 5+ A*-C grades including English and Maths, with 77% attaining an A*-C grade in English and 74% attaining an A*-C grade in Maths.

Head teacher Julia Morris said: “We are incredibly proud of our students and staff who have worked hard with the support of parents to achieve these great results.”

Chipping Norton School

Number of pupils sitting:

Percentage of those achieving five or more A* - C - 54%

Head teacher Simon Duffy said: “Following last week’s A level results, the best in the school’s history, we are now celebrating some great GCSE results. Although the headline figures are down, students have done well in key subjects and deserve congratulation for the work they have put in to be successful. Exam results day is always an interesting one, every cohort is different and at the heart of all GCSE results is individual achievement. Those students striding confidently to receive their results, knowing they have put in the required work, are inevitably those who have done well. We have to remember, however, that this cohort of students has been subjected to the coalition government’s changes to examination procedures and that we were warned about “results volatility”. During their studies, for example, year 11 students found out that the marks for speaking and listening exercises in English had been axed. This has meant that there have been some disappointing English results this year and a number of students will now be considering their options. That said, I have relished sharing successes with our Year 11s today and I look forward to welcoming many of our talented students back into the sixth form next month.”

Notable high achievers with ten or more A*s and As are Katherine Avery, Connor Findlay-Priest, Abigail Hollis, Megan Humphreys, Eleanor Juckes, Leonie Jurkschat, Alice Ortona Coles, Monica Schroeder, Hannah Vincent and Jack Williams-Sharkey.

Bloxham School is not releasing the exact figures but a spokesman said: “Bloxham students have triumphed in their GCSEs, recording an excellent set of results this year. With close to a 100% A*-C pass rate, almost half the students achieved A* to A.

Head teacher Paul Sanderson said: “I am exceptionally proud of our students, they have worked incredibly hard and these are an excellent set of GCSE results. I am particularly pleased that the number of pupils securing the highest grades has gone up, and to see value-added success across the board. Well done to them all.”

Chenderit School will not be releasing its figures until the autumn.