Sophie’s weight-loss drive after unknown pregnancy

Sophie Bird and Rowan
Sophie Bird and Rowan

Sophie Bird weighed 21 stone and wore size 24 clothes when she visited her doctor because of an unbearable pain.

Four hours later, her pregnancy had been confirmed and doctors at A&E discovered she was in labour. Soon after she gave birth to baby Rowan.

Miss Bird, of Milcombe, said: “It was the biggest shock of my life. I had managed to carry a baby without changing shape or size for nearly nine months.”

Less than four years on, the new look Miss Bird has lost eight stone and is a comfortable size 14, putting her weight loss down to a new fitness regime and a band wound around her waist.

A big eater as a child, Miss Bird piled on the weight as an adult after adopting a sofa-bound lifestyle of watching television and eating takeaways. Eating to mask her unhappiness she resigned herself to life as an overweight woman – until she went on a charity walk and started using a Malory band, which helps her monitor her weight and motivate weight loss.

As the pounds fell off, she took up morris dancing and roller derby to keep fit.

She said. “I can’t express how happy I am about losing the weight. I have more confidence and energy and am a much happier person. I feel alive and am so much happier – and of course now I have my wonderful Rowan, he’s the sunshine of my life.” Miss Bird hopes to lose 
another two stone by summer next year.