Sketches paint a picture of a year in the life of Chipping Norton Theatre

Chippy Theatre sketch
Chippy Theatre sketch

A unique sketch of a year in the life of Chipping Norton Theatre is now on display in the Theatre’s own Owen Mumford Gallery.

Chris Fothergill, The Theatre’s artist in residence for the year, has chronicled rehearsals, plays, performances and audience reactions in an accordion-style sketch book which is now opened up around the walls of the gallery, revealing unique sketches, quotes, anecdotes and vignettes from the life of the theatre, its staff and performers.

Mr Fothergill, who moved to Great Rollright two and a half years ago, was asked to be artist in residence after a successful exhibition of his architectural romanticist paintings two years ago.

He said: “I thought I would try to keep a journal throughout the year.

“It has been a great experience. It’s such a wonderful place and I’m hoping people will just enjoy it. This is aimed at the theatre-going public and to celebrate the theatre and the local town, but it’s very much my personal experience of it.”

More than 40 sketches are on display in a continuous row around the gallery walls accompanied by 16 finished paintings. Mr Fothergill, an architectural illustrator by 
trade, worked on the spot – slipping in to rehearsals and 
performances. He will be on hand to talk to visitors on Saturday from 11am-3pm and 
the exhibition will run until April 16. More of his work can be seen at www.fothergills