Sir Tony Baldry attacks Holocaust Tweet posted from account of Banbury Labour councillor

Mark Cherry
Mark Cherry

Banbury MP Sir Tony Baldry has written to Labour leader Ed Miliband to condemn a tweet posted from the account of Banbury Labour councillor Mark Cherry which ‘trivialised the Holocaust’.

A picture comparing a Nazi Concentration Camp to Conservative Party policies on the unemployed and disabled was Tweeted at 7.52pm on Sunday to the 291 Followers of Mr Cherry, a county, district and town councillor.

Today, Tuesday, Mr Cherry posted a Tweet saying his account had been hacked and ‘some posts deleted’.

In his letter to Mr Miliband Sir Tony said the tweet demonstrated a ‘lack of tolerance and insensitivity’.

He added: “During the over 30 years in which I have been a member of parliament, I have always sought to treat my political opponents, both in the constituency, and at Westminster, with respect, which I hope has been mutual.

“I am thus sad that I have to draw to your attention the conduct of a local Labour councillor, conduct that demonstrates lack of tolerance, insensitivity, very bad taste and intolerably seeks to trivialise the Holocaust.

“This is not in any way funny. It simply trivialises the horrors of the Holocaust.

“Given his judgement, do you consider Councillor Cherry as someone who should continue to have the benefit of the Labour Whip in Local Government?”

Mr Cherry said this was the second time his Twitter account had been hacked.

In an email to Sir Tony Baldry and the Banbury Guardian today, Tuesday, Mr Cherry added: “I can understand you concern when you saw my Twitter post. I have changed my password as my account was hacked. This is a big problem in the computer world. I have since changed my security settings to make sure this does not happen again and also apologised for any offence caused, which I had no control over. I consider the matter closed”.

Sean Woodcock, Banbury town mayor and Labour group leader for Cherwell, added: “Mark has my full support as a member of my group, but obviously if he has acted inappropriately we will take action. But having not seen the tweet I cannot make any further judgement.”