Showing clinic shows horse riders how to win rosettes

Roseanne Edwards with Riyaad
Roseanne Edwards with Riyaad

A showing clinic to help horse riders of all ages increase their chances of winning rosettes from local to national level will be held at Edgehill Stud near Banbury on Saturday, April 5.

In two parts, it will give tips and instruction on preparation and turnout for horse or pony and rider, how to show off your horse in-hand and under saddle, learn what judges are looking for and how to out-perform the opposition.

Organised by Crown Riding Club, the session will be led by Banbury Guardian reporter Roseanne Edwards who has trained and shown Arabian horses in hand and under saddle at local, county and national level. “My motto is that you win your rosettes at home and go to shows to collect them,” she said.

“Many riders spend a lot of time and money going to shows only to feel really let down when they see others looking and doing better than them. This clinic is going to show owners how to prepare their horses for shows at home, how to stand out from the crowd and avoid the pitfalls. An important aspect will be ringcraft – how to manage in a crowded ring. It’s going to be great fun with a very enjoyable ‘showing’ competition with prizes – and tea and cakes!” The clinic will give specific input from all the major showing and breed societies for coloured horses, mountain and moreland, hunters, riding horses, lead-rein and ridden show ponies. It runs from 3pm-6pm. Contact Lucie on 07772 300676.