School learns about Armed Forces

MHBG-15-11-12 Arran Broughton 'Captain in Royal marines
MHBG-15-11-12 Arran Broughton 'Captain in Royal marines

CHILDREN at a village primary school learnt about life in the Armed Forces when they watched a film about how a past pupil completed his training.

Captain Arron Broughton (pictured) attended St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Aston-le-Walls between 1991 and 1997, and is now on active duty serving in the Royal Marines.

He is in charge of a troop of 30 soldiers based in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. His father Martin talked to teachers and children on Tuesday and filmed staff and pupils for an electronic greetings card which will be sent to Capt. Broughton for Christmas.

The card contained messages from teachers who knew him and the children will compile a joke book as well as writing letters to him and fellow soldiers to wish them a happy Christmas and a safe return.