Saga of tax demands on letting continues

Bruce Woodall  by Mr Rice Takeaway
Bruce Woodall by Mr Rice Takeaway

A landlord who claims he has lost £8,000 in revenue because of a dispute over council tax has received a new demand.

Bruce Woodall, of Sibford Gower, has lashed out at Cherwell District Council for its planning department’s ‘ineptitude’ which has prevented him letting out his terraced Banbury property.

The three-bedroomed house in Newland Place is blighted by a large extractor chimney erected next to the main bedroom window by the Chinese takeaway next door.

Mr Woodall says it could pose a potential fire risk through oil and fat build-up and produces a loud noise until late at night.

Mr Woodall appeared in court in February over non-payment of a council tax bill he refused to settle because the council allowed consent for the chimney.

“At that court case the chairman of the bench ordered the council to arrange a meeting at top level between me and Cherwell to sort this out.

“Since then I have heard absolutely nothing,” he said.

“Cherwell admitted the chimney exceeded noise levels and was to take action to reduce them or to find an alternative way of getting rid of the smells and grease.

“My last tenants left in December 2012 because the noise was insufferable and I have not been able to let the property since.”

He added: “I’m losing revenue and to add insult to injury I’ve just received a new rates bill, with the unpaid balance from last year added on!

“Naturally I have no intention whatsoever of paying it, although I am sure they will be sending the usual threatening letters and wasting yet more of taxpayers’ money.

“Non payment of council tax may be against statute law, but I don’t believe just because it’s against statue law it is always right.

“In this case it is the council’s fault.

“The council has a duty of care not to put me at financial disadvantage because of its inept planning department.”

Mr Woodall’s bill for the new financial year is £1,255.75, up 1.7 per cent on last year’s demand of £1,226.71.

“They have even sent me two identical bills – yet more inefficiency and more wasted money in unnecessary postage costs,” said Mr Woodall.

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