Rich Romans in Warmington?


Evidence of high class Roman culture has been uncovered by archaeologists at Warmington.

A team of Warmington Heritage Group volunteers, led by archaeologist David Freke, uncovered a large piece of high class Samian ware pottery last week at a dig where they are excavating the remains of Roman buildings near the National Herb Centre on Warwick Road.

The latest find comes from a series of excavated buildings thought to have been a centre for metal production and trade, one of which contains an impressive stone hearth.

Samian ware pottery was imported from factories in Roman Gaul – modern France – and was made with a distinctive red baked clay and often embossed with elaborate designs from Roman mythology.

The site is part of a dig which has previously yielded evidence of a neolithic burial and a Roman temple.

In 2008 an earthenware pot filled with rare silver Roman coins was uncovered at the site and last year what is believed to be a Neolithic skeleton was unearthed and is being investigated at Bradford University

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