Residents outraged after gardens trashed by vandals

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Residents in Banbury’s Mascord Road have spoken of their disgust after vandals trashed their gardens, pulling up plants, tipping over pots and tearing down hanging baskets.

Stephen Golder, 53, said he has worked hard along with his neighbour Jean Somerville, 75, to smarten up their gardens to help improve the neighbourhood and could not believe it when he found his garden had been repeatedly vandalised.

The most recent attack happened last week.

Mr Golder said: “My solar lights have been out there for four years, but now eight have gone within a week.

“Plants have been pulled up out of the ground and hanging baskets stolen.

“Jean has had her plant pots turned over and smashed.” Mr Golder, who suffers from depression and physical health problems, added: “We don’t know if it’s kids coming up here and doing it. They seem to be taking turns on a different night targeting her or me!”

“It’s absolutely horrible. I feel sorry for Jean over the road because somebody is coming into her garden. It’s an invasion of privacy.

“We’re just trying to make the neighbourhood look good by making our gardens look nice and then this happens.” Mr Golder and Mrs Somerville have contacted the Neighbourhood Watch scheme about the thefts and the police are investigating. Anyone with information should call 101.