Public meeting transport review

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Residents in Banbury and north Oxfordshire will have the chance to question and comment on the leader of Oxfordshire County Council’s vision for transport systems in the county beyond 2020 at a public meeting at Banbury Town Hall on June 23.

Earlier this year county councillor Ian Hudspeth outlined his vision for how Oxfordshire should rise to the challenge of ensuring that investment in transport matches growth in jobs, housing and hi-tech industry beyond 2020.

In a report entitled ‘Connecting Oxfordshire’, Mr Hudspeth looked beyond the already planned investment in transport in the county up to 2020 – and on to another wave of transport innovation and investment up to 2031.

Around 80,000 new jobs and 100,000 new homes are expected to come to the county by 2031.

As the transport authority for Oxfordshire, the county council plays a leading role with public and private sector partners to improve the transport network.

The meeting will be held at Banbury Town Hall on Monday, June 23 and members of the public are welcome to attend.

Following a consultation last year, Oxfordshire County Council approved plans in February this year that will see free school transport restricted to pupils attending their nearest geographical school.

Under the proposals, which were rubber stamped by the full council, free transport will be provided only for pupils’ nearest geographical school within the county from September 2015, although those receiving free travel under the current system in September this year will continue to do so until they leave school.