Police report spate of metal thefts

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THERE has been a spate of metal thefts across Banburyshire.

During the past week there have been several metal thefts in rural areas.

Between 6pm on Saturday (November 10) and 2pm on Tuesday (November 13), three metal gates were stolen from a sheep pen at Wykham Park Farm, Banbury.

Also, between 12noon and 4pm on the Tuesday, a 12ft galvanised gate was stolen from a field between Milcombe and Hook Norton.

During September, Thames Valley Police received reports of 12 overnight thefts of catalytic converters from vehicles in Bodicote, Adderbury,

Twyford and Hook Norton when offenders have sawn through the exhaust assembly to remove the converters.

By working in partnership with local detectives, Thames Valley’s Banbury Rural Neighbourhood Police Team identified a man who has been charged with the offences.

If you notice anything suspicious call the police on 101.