Police issue advice for a burglary-free season

MHBG-25-10-12 Det Sgt Steve Birchall
MHBG-25-10-12 Det Sgt Steve Birchall

POLICE are giving advice about how to prevent getting targeted by burglars this Christmas.

Tips include not leaving packaging for expensive items on show for refuse collections, not leaving presents on view through a window and not advertising being away on social media sites.

Residents are also urged to mark packaging and gifts so police can attempt to recover and identify them should they be stolen. UV marker pens are available from police stations in the area.

Detective Sergeant Steve Birchall, of Banbury Police Station, said: “What I’d like people to do is mark the boxes of Christmas presents with their postcode. Also, after they have wrapped their gifts, mark the wrapping again with postcodes.

“Once these markings have dried they are virtually invisible but if we recover new boxed items or wrapping paper during a search we can identify them as coming from people’s houses if they’ve been burgled.

“If we can do this we are able to firstly prosecute an offender and most importantly recover people’s gifts and return them to them.”

He added that people should also mark new items in the same way as well as registering them and taking photos.

Those who have been given an iPad, iPhone or iPod should also activate their GPS tracking systems.