Parking restriction plan for town centre streets

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RESIDENTS have spoken out in support of proposals to introduce parking restrictions on a congested network of streets close to Banbury fire station.

Oxfordshire County Council has opened public consultations on plans to introduce waiting restrictions on both sides of Foundry Street and parts of Nursery Drive and Beaumont Road.

The council said restrictions are necessary because the volume of parking in the area is “dangerous” and causes “traffic congestion”.

It is proposing no waiting between 8am and 6pm on weekdays on both sides of Foundry Street between Cope Road and Nursery Drive and in part of Nursery Drive.

The same restrictions would apply on the west side of Beaumont Road including the section south of Pen Way to a point 80 metres north of Ruscote Avenue.

The Banbury Guardian has received comments in support of the proposals from residents who believe workers and shoppers park their cars along the streets in order to avoid paying parking charges in the town centre.

Many say the closely parked vehicles impair visibility for drivers using the road junctions between Cope Road, Nursery Drive and Foundry Street, are a danger to pedestrians and a nuisance for residents living in adjacent properties.

Anne Marshall, who visits her parents at their home off Nursery Drive at least twice a week, said: “It’s very hard to see when you pull out at the junction from Cope Road onto Foundry Street.

“People also walk out of the end of Nursery Drive and you struggle to see them, so somebody could get hurt, you never know.

“Restrictions would be a good idea but obviously it might be an issue for the people who live opposite in Cope Road as where would they then park?”

Caroline Sam posted on the Banbury Guardian’s Facebook page: “I live just off Foundry Street and it can be a nightmare getting out of my road as all the cars are parked and you can’t see round them.”

Others suggested the problems would be eased if parking was made free in the town centre.

Kitty Le Cragg posted: “I think that if parking was free in the town, even if only on the weekend, there wouldn’t be that level of people parking on streets dangerously.” Others suggested parking congestion is a problem in other parts of town.

Neil Johnson commented: “Maybe they should do that on Belgrave Crescent and Box Hedge Road as the amount of people that park here during the day is stupid.

“It should be residents only.”

Marie Letters posted: “Wish they would do the same down Valley Road, which is now being used as a car park for the hospital.

“It makes driving very hazardous as they park on a bend and it can be very tight trying to drive between two parked cars.”

Residents have until January 11 to give their views on the county council proposals.

Comments and objections should be sent to Huw Jones, Director for Environment and Economy, Oxfordshire County Council, Speedwell House, Speedwell Street, Oxford, OX1 1NE.

The council will then consider all objections and representations before making a final decision on the proposals.