No need to waste tasty food leftovers

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A village restaurant has joined a new initiative to help tackle the problem of food waste.

The Unicorn Inn in Deddington is part of the Too Good to Waste Oxfordshire campaign, launched by Oxfordshire County Council to sign up 100 restaurants who will receive free eco-friendly ‘take me home’ boxes to offer to diners – meaning they have no need to leave behind tasty food if they get full.

Johnny Parke, who runs the Unicorn Inn with Chris Brewster, said: “We have been thinking of doing this for a while and it is great because it’s environmentally friendly, food doesn’t get chucked away and it gives customers the option of taking their meal away so it doesn’t get wasted.”

Thousands of pounds are wasted with the equivalent of one in six meals – adding up to 21 tonnes of food per restaurant per year – being thrown away in Oxfordshire.

The campaign aims to make it not just socially acceptable, but a pleasant, positive experience for diners to take home food that they are enjoying, but can’t quite manage to finish.

Mr Parke said: “We will look to advertise the campaign on our menus and on posters in the pub.

“We have a lot of customers who come back time and again so we think it will spread through word of mouth.

“This is the 21st Century and everybody is doing their bit to be environmentally friendly.

“If we can make people aware I think this campaign will progress further in the future. I believe a lot of restaurants will follow on.”

To find out which restaurants are taking part near you, visit