New village plan centred around residents’ views

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ADDERBURY residents are shaping their futures by creating a neighbourhood plan based on what people want to see in the village.

In contrast to the village’s current Parish Plan, which is merely advisory, The Adderbury Plan will have legal weight behind it and Adderbury Parish Council is now looking for residents to take part in its creation.

An advisory group, made up of residents, is about to be formed which will consist of smaller working groups all focusing on different areas, and gathering the views of the community.

Nick Fennell, who will be heading up the advisory group, said: “I’m not aware of any other villages who have done this yet so we’re kicking it off sooner than others and we’re definitely better off with it than without it.”

Parish councillor Mike Dolamore is heading up the parish council’s Strategic Planning Working Group, which will be supporting and overseeing the advisory group.

He said the new plan will be created by the village for the village. “With this plan it is even more crucial that the whole community contributes because it will actually have legal weight,” he said. “It will be the advisory group, made up by residents that will be steering the parish council not the other way around and the group will be soliciting the community’s views, not the parish council’s.”

Although the parish council will be the body which the plan is produced and delivered through, the content of it will be determined by the community itself. Once the advisory group has been formed, there will be a series of public meetings to educate residents and explain what the plan has been set out to do. Constant communication will be upheld between the group and residents via the plan’s dedicated website at and on its Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Mr Dolamore said: “We want everyone, of all ages, to contribute and we will be using every available medium to ensure they all have the opportunity to do so.” Finally an appraisal questionnaire will be launched to everyone in the village and once the advisory group knows what residents want included, the plan will be produced.

The whole process is expected to take between 12 and 18 months and once the final plan has been endorsed by the community through a referendum, it becomes part of the Cherwell Local Plan 2012 and must be referred to in all future matters.

The backdrop to the new Adderbury Plan is two appraisals, one done in 1994 and one in 2004 which has provided a foundation of villagers wants and needs.

Mr Fennell said: “We’ll have a clear view of what people want and what they don’t want. This is a very important thing to do and the great thing is that we know what our people want and it is a chance for our people to help shape the future of the village.”

Those interested in becoming a member of the advisory group should contact Mr Dolamore on 07591 616045 or or Mr Fennell on 01295 811059 or by September 22.