Naked woman photo call shocks onlookers at Banbury’s Fine Lady statue


Passing pedestrians, drivers and office workers were roused from going about their daily business on Tuesday when a lady whipped off her dress for an improvised photo shoot in front of the Fine Lady statue on Horse Fair.

At around noon a woman was spotted sitting next to a man with a camera by Banbury’s iconic statue when she suddenly removed her summer dress and stood naked as the photographer took a series of snaps.

Matthew Hartwell, who works at Premiere People Recruitment on South Bar directly opposite the statue, said he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

He said: “There was a guy with a camera and a woman in a dress and they were sat there talking. Then she undid her dress and just whipped it off!”

“It lasted probably three minutes, which is a long time to be stood there naked.”

Some onlookers believed the photo shoot might be an attempt to recreate Coventry’s Lady Godiva, who is sometimes wrongly identified with the Banbury’s Fine Lady, but all thoughts of that were soon banished when the naked shoot was repeated outside Bloxham Dental Surgery in South Bar.

Mr Hartwell said: “She put her dress back on then went up near the dentists and did it again. Just another day in Banbury!”

The incident was reported to the police, who have been unable to trace the pair.