Man faces trial after armed street clash

MHBG-18-10-12 Oxford Crown Court
MHBG-18-10-12 Oxford Crown Court

The trial of a Banbury man accused of involvement in a violent armed clash during which a man was run over and left unconscious has opened at Oxford Crown Court.

Andre Hurst, 25, of Broad Street, Banbury, appeared on Monday jointly charged with using or threatening unlawful violence and possessing an offensive weapon with Adam Doyle, 27, Waqas Khan, 20, and Dexter Williams, 24, all from the Oxford area.

Robert Spencer-Bernard, prosecuting, told the jury how the four men were involved in an incident of “street violence” in which weapons were used, which resulted in serious injuries to two of the men.

He alleged that at 7.30pm on July 29, 2012, Khan, Hurst and Williams were inside the Taste of Jamaica restaurant on Cowley Road, Littlemore, having arrived there in a black Vauxhall Astra vehicle. Mr Doyle and another as yet unidentified man pulled up in a grey BMW and one of them swung a baseball bat at the restaurant window, cracking it.

The men inside allegedly armed themselves with chairs and went outside. Both sides were then seen by witnesses to be fighting with weapons and the windscreen of the BMW was smashed.

The fight culminated inWilliams and Doyle both being struck by the Black Vauxhall Astra. The court heard fibre analysis from the driver’s seat of the car matched fibres from Hurst’s shirt, indicating he may have been the driver.

Mobile phone footage recorded by a witness showed the unidentified man driving the BMW away leaving Doyle lying unconscious in the road, then Williams being helped into the back of the black Astra – later found abandoned by police – and rushed away from the scene.

The trial continues.