Taxi driver not guilty of kissing passenger without consent

MHBG-08-11-12 Oxford Crown Court

MHBG-08-11-12 Oxford Crown Court

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A Banbury taxi driver did not kiss a female passenger without her consent whilst driving her home in a cab from a night out, a crown court jury has declared.

At Oxford Crown Court today (Thursday) Altaf Hussain, 50, from Portway, Banbury, was found not guilty of sexual assault after the alleged victim claimed he had leant over and kissed her attempting to force his tongue down her throat.

Summing up the case today (Thursday) Judge Gordon Risius told the jury how on December 2012 the alleged victim said she had been attending a baby shower party at a friend’s house where she had around six drinks and had taken a cab home.

Mr Hussain told the jury the alleged victim was confused about where she was going, first telling him she wanted to go ‘town side’ and then asking to be dropped at West Bar Street.

Mr Hussain said he didn’t really speak to the passenger on the journey and she was ‘leaning forward’.

He said once they arrived at her home she started to open the door but couldn’t find the door handle.

“She appeared to me to be drunk and going here and there and she wasn’t walking like a normal person but was stumbling around,” he said.

DNA swabs taken from the alleged victim showed no proof Mr Hussain had kissed her.

Judge Risius told the jury they would have to be absolutely sure the kiss took place before they could convict Mr Hussain.

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