Residents’ ‘dumped asbestos’ concern

MHBG-19-12-13 Asbestos Garages 

Garages behind shop on The Fairway in Banbury

MHBG-19-12-13 Asbestos Garages Garages behind shop on The Fairway in Banbury

Residents on The Fairway in Banbury have expressed their concern over what they claim is a pile of asbestos left discarded behind garages where children often play.

A resident who did not wish to be named contacted the Banbury Guardian this week expressing his frustration that the material which can release deadly fibres when disturbed, has not been cleared from the garages owned by the Sanctuary Housing group.

He said: “They haven’t cleaned it up and they’re doing absolutely nothing about it.”

“It’s right in the middle of a housing estate and people just dump stuff. There are sheets of asbestos about two feet high and they are broken up and kids have spread them all over the place. It’s right there in the open for the kids to get to. We all know it’s deadly.”

Ward district councillor Sean Woodcock said he is appalled no action has been taken to remove the dangerous material.

He said: “This particular area has been a target for people’s complaints for a long time. I’ve asked the housing association to remove it. The asbestos has been there for two or three months. We all know the risks it can cause .”

Martin Elsmore, owner of The Fairway Fish Bar, added: “An electricity company was doing work up here recently and they told me they thought it was asbestos and put yellow tape around it. The kids go round there and start treading on it so it obviously is a hazard.”

Sanctuary spokesman Amy Weiser said an assessment has been done to determine the material was asbestos and it was due to be removed this week. She said: “The site is subject to frequent fly tipping, and Sanctuary needs to arrange for rubbish to be removed on a regular basis. Most recently asbestos was tipped on the site and we are arranging for specialists to safely remove the material.”




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