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New bus stop at Brackley Park

New bus stop at Brackley Park

The location of two new bus stops in Brackley town centre has confused passengers and led to concerns about a reduction in the number of parking spaces.

The High Street stops, outside Winchester House School and National Trust-owned Brackley Park, were built by Northamptonshire County Council (NCC) about six weeks ago.

Brackley town councillor Don Thompson said the existing High Street bus stops could easily be seen from the new ones, suggesting the bus stops should be moved further down High Street.

He said: “Who is going to get on and off the bus there?

“It is inbetween nowhere and nowhere. It could have gone down a little bit further towards the post office, another 100 yards. They have taken up a huge swathe of parking spots. The town is struggling for parking spaces now.”

Brackley Means Business chairman Jan Dean also expressed concern about the loss of parking in the town centre and both she and Mr Thompson were angry NCC had put up the bus stops without consulting residents and business owners.

Miss Dean said: “It is supposed to be our town and it is just another thing that has or has not been done which we do not necessarily think is the best thing for the town.”

An NCC spokesman said: “After changes to the way that bus services operated were introduced in 2011, we met with bus operators to see how existing services could be improved.

“Working with Stagecoach we were asked to introduce more bus shelters in High Street. Although we are not obliged to carry out a statutory consultation to install new bus shelters we did liaise with local councillors. The shelters were positioned in such a way as to minimise the loss of parking spaces in the road.”




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