Lambs arrive to lift winter gloom

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Spring has arrived – at least in the barns of Banburyshire’s farms.

Lambing has been in full swing for some weeks in spite of the fierce storms and acres of flooded fields.

Down at Broughton Grounds Farm the Taylor family has been taking special care of their newborn stock, keeping the ewes and their babes inside for a week rather than a day or two.

“We’ve been keeping them in longer so they have a chance to build up a bit of strength before they face the elements,” said James Taylor.

“It wouldn’t do to let them out too quickly. It’s been pouring with rain and windy and they would get soaked.”

Mr Taylor said most of the 170 flock of early lambers have already produced their young. A further 320 are due to give birth in April. Orphans have been few and far between and efforts are always made to encourage other ewes to adopt any whose mothers are unable to feed them.

Broughton Grounds is hosting a lambing afternoon on Saturday, April 12 from 2pm-4.30pm. Refreshments will be sold in aid of a small charity in Nepal, Sankalpa Gorkha. Anyone interested in arranging a visit independently should call 07875626590.




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