Hooky horses get stamp of approval

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The iconic sight of Hook Norton Brewery’s dray horses has been immortalised on a Royal Mail stamp set.

Back in October 2011, the brewery was contacted by a photographer who had been commissioned by Royal Mail to take photos with the theme Working Horses.

The photographer wanted to use a dray horse in his collection and as Hook Norton is one of only four breweries in the country to have dray horses, arrangements were made for him to shoot Roger Hughes, the drayman, making a beer delivery.

Royal Mail made a final choice for the dray horse image but told the brewery that in line with their policy on living people, they would have to disguise the driver’s identity.

The stamps were issued on Tuesday and are available to buy now in a set of six for £5.52 from http://shop.royalmail.com/working-horses/working-horses-stamp-set/invt/20140203




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