Greatest gift of all after 55 years apart

Polly Gillon pictured with her long lost son Steve at her home in Banbury

Polly Gillon pictured with her long lost son Steve at her home in Banbury

Banbury mum Polly Gillon has enjoyed a family Christmas to remember – an emotional reunion with her son Steve.

Mother and son met up in May for the first time since Steve was handed over for adoption shortly after birth almost 55 years ago.

Brought together by the ITV programme Long Lost Family, Steve then determined to bring his wife, Lisa, and youngest child, Alex, to the UK to enjoy a traditional English Christmas and spend some longer, quality time with his mum, now 77.

The two were reunited for only the second time since December 29, 1955 after Steve’s flight touched down on Saturday. “It’s difficult to describe the emotion. It was like meeting him for the first time all over again,” said Mrs Gillon of Banesberie Close, Banbury.

“It doesn’t feel as though I’ve only just found him. I feel I know him; he’s my son and there are no strange moments.

“We all went down to Gosport for a wonderful family Christmas with my husband Mike, my other son, Karl, and his partner Andy and my daughter Lisa.”

Steve had enjoyed a happy life in New Zealand with his adoptive parents and was surprised to get a letter from the TV programme makers.

He said: “Mum and dad had passed away by then. I hadn’t thought about looking for my natural mum. Children have a fear that if they were not wanted once it may happen again. There had been no mention that she’d wanted to keep me.

“Polly’s borne the burden over the years – it has been her nightmare. You can’t change what’s happened but we’re forging a normal mum and son relationship now. I look like mum so much, I couldn’t be anyone else’s child.

“That’s made things a lot easier – more real – but apart from that we do have a very natural rapport.”

Steve, who has two grown up daughters and Alex, 18, added: “I have my mum and a new brother and sister and Polly has three grandchildren and two great grandchildren.”

The Long Lost Family series will be repeated on ITV in the new year.




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