Danger fears of abandoned skip

Daniel Young with his mum Jane Swainson pictured beside the skip.

Daniel Young with his mum Jane Swainson pictured beside the skip.

Householders on a Banbury estate are demanding that the local authority removes an overflowing skip that has been left for months.

The residents say so much rubbish is being thrown onto the top of the skip, on the edge of a footpath at Chetwode on the Ruscote estate, it is collapsing.

“The fear is that it will inevitably end up with something heavy falling on someone,” said Daniel Young, whose mother lives yards from the skip.

“If a child is killed, who will take responsibility? A number of residents have complained to Cherwell District Council but they say they can’t move it because it’s on private land.

“The person we believe to be the owner of the land says it isn’t his and we’re left with this appalling eyesore which has rats living in it and running to and from it.”

Mr Young, who lives in nearby Forgeway, said the mess has reduced the housing area to a ‘third world street’.

He said he has sent a written complaint and photographs to illustrate to environmental health officers how severe the problem is and how the abandoned skip is spoiling the area for those living close by.

“I asked the council whether they would ignore it if I had left a burnt out car in the same place. They still say there is nothing they can do about this skip although they have said they would remove the top layer,” he said.

“In 48 hours it would be piled as high because people are chucking their rubbish onto it.”

Cherwell spokesman Jemma Callow said an abatement notice, giving the owners a day to remove the skip before the council enforces control, has been issued. If it has still not been cleared Cherwell will have the skip removed. Investigations will continue to identify who hired the skip so the council can recover removal costs.




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