Litter lout gives helping hand 
to investigators

Mitchell Brash appeared at Banbury Magistrates' Court
Mitchell Brash appeared at Banbury Magistrates' Court

A litter lout who flytipped in a Banbury road was rumbled after investigating officers found his address among the household waste.

At Banbury Magistrates’ Court on July 22, Mitchell Brash, 22, of Deacon Way, Banbury. was ordered to pay a total of £370 in fines and legal costs after pleading guilty to one charge of flytipping.

The court heard that on or around January 17 of this year, Cherwell District Council’s environmental services team received reports of several plastic sacks containing household waste which had been dumped at the end of the Deacon Way garage block.

Upon attending the scene, council officers discovered mail addressed to Brash’s home address among the rubbish. He later admitted the offence while being interviewed under caution.

Brash told officers he and his partner had moved to their new property in Deacon Way shortly before Christmas and had amassed a large amount of rubbish which he dumped at the garages because he did not have a car to travel to a tip.

Cllr Tony Ilott, lead member for clean and green at Cherwell, said: “No effort was made by Mr Brash to contact the council about his excess rubbish; instead he chose to simply dump it with no consideration for the environment, his neighbours or the taxpayers who have to pay the clean-up costs.

“Flytipping and litter continue to be listed among residents’ top complaints, yet if it were not for people like Mr Brash this problem would not exist as it is entirely avoidable.”

In addition to receiving a criminal record, Brash was also ordered to pay a £50 fine, £50 legal fees, £250 clean-up costs and a £20 victim surcharge.