Keen Banburyshire rambler’s photos on display

Silence by Paul Mobbs
Silence by Paul Mobbs

The exhibition Rambles Around the Banburyshire Countryside, which takes place at the Friends Meeting House in Banbury’s Horsefair at 7.30pm on Wednesday, features photos by local walker and environmentalist Paul Mobbs.

The aim of the event, which is organised by Ideas for a Change, is to illustrate the wonderful paths, sights and natural landscape on our own doorstep, and the wider importance of walking - both to the environment and our own well-being.

Paul said: “I started to send my photos around, via e-mail, a couple of years ago. I wanted to share the rather wonderful sights it is possible to find in the countryside around the Banbury area; and the many other seemingly hum-drum places that people takes for granted around the rest of Britain.

“Each photo is intended to encapsulate a moment, and so for each I compose a little ditty that captures the scene. Be it prose, poem or complete nonsense – I hope that each opens a little window into the world, and the fun we can share if we slow down and observe the everyday scenes around us. Most of all, I hope that you’ll be encouraged to get out and walk!”

For examples of Paul’s local rambles, see