Kart drivers show no fear at annual soapbox derby

Death defying go-kart drivers climbed into their machines and braved a sloping course and a dangerous-looking chicane bend in a bid to beat the clock at Monday’s annual Chacombe Soapbox Derby.

Ingeniously designed karts including a red baron aeroplane, a Thomas-the-tank engine, a giant shoe and a stripped -down version of the car from Herbie Goes Bananas braved the course three times in an attempt to set the best time at the event which saw villagers lining the street to cheer on their teams.

Villager Darren Williams drew some attention by turning out in drag before climbing into his kart aptly named Drag Queen. Lorna Fyfe, chairman of the village’s sports and social club committee which has run the event for seven years, said: “We do it because it’s great fun.”

The fastest kart, Orange, driven by Robert Tustian made a time of 31.0 seconds.

Second place went to SSTT and Herbie’s Hooners with 31.2 seconds and junior winner went to Hunter driven by Ollie Hall-Smith. The prize for most innovative kart went to The Red Baron driven by Mick Wilkes and best costume went to Darren Williams.

But the most daring racer was surely Simon Bird who threw together his makeshift vehicle aptly named Death or Glory in just four hours the night before the event with colleagues from Carbody Banbury. “We like to do something that brings the village out,” he said.