Jemma gets kick start to halve her dress size

Jemma Hawtin
Jemma Hawtin

A young Banbury woman who used to live on processed foods has lost nearly six stone with a programme based on eating clean, home-cooked food.

Jemma Hawtin, 25, weighed 17 st 12lbs when she first joined the Kick Start Fat Loss (KSFL) Banbury branch in September last year. Now she weighs in at 12 st 1lbs and has gone from a size 20 to a size 10.

The focus of the programme is not mainly to lose weight but instead to break sugar addiction, detoxify the body and cells and regulate blood sugar levels to stop cravings; with the bonus of getting more energy and losing body fat and inches.

Fitness and wellness coach Sindy Matthews set up the KSFL Banbury branch the same month as Jemma joined and in April she decided to quit her job as a procurement specialist to focus on it full-time.

She said: “Jemma lived on processed food, snacked on the wrong foods late at night and drank more than a litre of pop a day! She had no confidence, no job and had very low self esteem. Now she eats clean, has got lean and has a job.”

The club meets weekly at St Francis Church. Those who sign up to the KSFL programme also get access to recipes online as well as high intensity interval training workout videos (HIIT) and get to join a private Facebook group where they can share tips and provide support.

Miss Hawtin said: “When I joined the programme I decided to try new things I don’t normally eat and wrote up a meal plan, it was a disaster! I didn’t enjoy any of the meals and i wasn’t enjoying meal times and was losing hope. Sindy told me to get on Facebook so I could see the private members’ page and what a help that was! All the lovely ladies from class were on there helping me and supporting me all the way. It was refreshing to be around such nice and positive people.”

For more information, go to or call 07736 309921.