It’s Radio Horton calling! Station marks 50 years of broadcasting

First radio Horton broadcast in 1964 NNL-140807-100346001
First radio Horton broadcast in 1964 NNL-140807-100346001

Banbury’s iconic hospital station Radio Horton celebrated its 50th anniversary with a series of broadcasts and 
special events over the weekend.

The station’s current presenters delivered broadcasts at venues across Banbury including Star UK Travel on Broad Street, Town Mayor’s Sunday at People’s Park and The Ridings care home, where the station’s founder Ted Hanson, now 76, lives.

On Monday, the station marked it’s actual birthday with an open studio event with more than 70 guests and celebrity interviews with personalities including Sir Tony Baldry, John Craven and Mr Hanson himself.

Presenter Lisa Pilkington said: “Fifty years ago Ted Hanson and Graham Wilton started Radio Horton here at the hospital, so it’s very special. We don’t have Graham any more but we do have Ted. The music has changed and the technology has changed but we feel 50 years of hospital radio is something to celebrate.”

Ms Pilkington praised the support the station received from hospital staff and patients and from its staff of dedicated volunteers. She said: “We’re very proud to be part of the Horton General Hospital.”

The station broadcast its first show on July 7, 1964, when patients at Banbury’s Horton Hospital plugged in their earphones to hear for the first time the strains of the Westminster Waltz followed by the magic words ‘Radio Horton calling’.