Inner Wheel support gives Lily a boost for the future

Pictured is Jo Ilott and her daughter Lily
Pictured is Jo Ilott and her daughter Lily

Members of Banbury’s Inner Wheel Club have raised £500 to help support a brave girl from Middle Barton.

Seven-year-old Lily Ilott has Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) which causes her muscles to weaken. She is reliant on a wheelchair to move around.

As part of Inner Wheel’s 90th anniversary celebrations, members of the Banbury club asked shoppers to guess how many balloons were in a Mini parked outside Castle Quay shopping centre last Thursday.

Maureen Carney, Inner Wheel of Banbury president, said: “The day was really successful and we were busy, especially between 11am and 2pm. Funds from this event will help pay for maintenance work for Lily’s wheelchair. New wheels can cost about £600.

“Members are proud to support the association’s anniversary by making a donation which will go towards affording Lily the mobility she deserves both at home and at school.”

Only one person managed to guess the right number of balloons, winning £50. Lily was diagnosed with the neuromuscular condition aged 14 months.

A fundraising target of £18,000 to help pay for her new electric wheelchair was reached last year. Her mum Jo said: “Lily absolutely loves the wheelchair and was able to choose the colour she wanted.

“It has so many functions which allows her to keep her independence and we are really grateful for the help and support people have given us.”