Incredible transformation for foal which needs home

Magpie is now doing well and is looking for a new home
Magpie is now doing well and is looking for a new home

A starving foal which was saved from death’s door by the RSPCA is looking for a loving new home.

Mapgie was just nine months old when she was found collapsed in a field near Banbury in March last year along with a pregnant mare.

Both of the ponies were emaciated, had worms and were infested with lice. The day after being rescued Magpie collapsed again, she was put on a drip and the vet feared she would not survive.

However, after six months of treatment Magpie returned to full health and now she is looking for a new home.

RSPCA Inspector Doug Davidson said: “The ponies were both starving, they simply did not have enough to eat.

“The filly Magpie was so emaciated she was in a state of collapse, she was literally at death’s door. The vet did not think she was going to survive. She was put on a drip to rehydrate her and fed little and often to gradually build her back up. It took her six months and a lot of love and care to recover. She’s had an appalling start to her short life but now she’s the picture of health and is looking for a new home.”

The piebald yearling is expected to grow to 13.2 hands and could make a nice riding or driving pony. To find out more about her or offer her a home call 0300 1238877 or For more information visit