Heather swaps roles after 34 years as cook

Heather Maddison
Heather Maddison

A school cook has retired from the kitchen after more than three decades in the job.

Heather Maddison, 64, started work at Chenderit School in Middleton Cheney as a cook supervisor when the school opened in 1979.

She spent her last day in the kitchen on December 20 and will now work part time as a technician in the science department when the school opens again for the new term on Monday.

Mrs Maddison, who lives in Middleton Cheney with her husband George, said: “When I first started there were only three meals and most of the children didn’t like them.

“But the type of food we serve now is much healthier as we need to meet nutritional requirements. I have really enjoyed serving the children, they are so wonderful and well mannered.”

Each day Mrs Maddison would arrive at the school in Archery Road at about 7.30am to cook breakfast for the pupils from about 8am to 10am.

She worked with a team of seven, most recently as unit manager, and they serve pupils sandwiches, baguettes and snacks at break time at 11.05am. They would then cook the main meal for lunchtime at 1.25pm.

Mrs Maddison has two children and three grandchildren. She said: “I’ve done this job for a long time so it is quite an achievement. I didn’t think I would be here for as long as I have but I absolutely love the village and the community here.

“I work with a wonderful team of people, we all know each other well, have no arguments and stick together. It will be interesting to see how I get on in my new role, but I am looking forward to it.”

Doug Scott, business manager at Chenderit School, said: “Heather has always got on exceptionally well with pupils and staff.

“She always gave 100 per cent and despite leaving this role she will remain part of the school community.”