Headteacher welcomes end of SATs

A BANBURY headteacher has welcomed plans to scrap tests for 14-year-olds.

Fiona Hammans of Banbury School said the decision to axe the Standard Asessment Tests (SATs) was a good one but her pupils would still be tested and assessed.

"In a sense it won't have a big impact because as a school we've always focused on GCSE and A'level performance," said Dr Hammans.

"Those dealing with college, sixth form and university admissions do not look at key stage three results.

"We therefore welcome the scrapping of the SATs with a big but.

It does not mean kids won't be tested and assessed all the way through key stage three or that parents will have any less information. They will have the same level of detail about how their children are doing.

"The mess with the SATs this year was so awful that we've still got one student who has not had proper SAT results. So if it can not be done properly it really shouldn't be done at all."

The Government has decided to axe the tests from 2009 after this year's marking shambles.

SATs taken at the end of primary school will remain.