Giant books form part of innovative display

Alison Murray in front of one of her giant textile books.
Alison Murray in front of one of her giant textile books.

A collection of giant books from textile extraordinaire Alison Murray will be on display at the exhibition Sewing for Pleasure, Fashion Embroidery & Stitch and Hobbycrafts running at the NEC, Birmingham from March 20-23.

The display will also include pieces from more than 300 other exhibitors.

The three giant books are individually themed, the first inspired by myth and legends, the second by nature and the third taking on a futuristic theme. The books are a staggering seven feet to nine feet tall, each with individual pages made from textile techniques and knitted pieces sent to Alison by contributors from around the world. Alison’s previous ventures include the world’s largest knitted Christmas tree, a giant gingerbread house and a knitted walk-through aquarium.

A selection of costumes from the film spectacular Les Misérables will also be on display as one of the main features of the show.

The costumes were created by Oscar-nominated Paco Delado and worn by an all-star cast including Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen.

The exhibition includes everything from sewing, knitting and quilting to papercraft, cardmaking and jewellery making.

Visitors can enjoy a free programme of quick and easy workshops, talks and demonstrations each day of the show.

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