Get your message over by speaking up

James Snee and Penelope Tasker of Wepic Voice Consultancy
James Snee and Penelope Tasker of Wepic Voice Consultancy

It does not matter how good your idea is if you are unable to tell others about it clearly.

Talented business people, entrepreneurs, teachers, politicians and others usually have important information to give but are rarely trained to deliver it to best effect.

But from now, individuals from Banbury’s business, education and service communities could take a leap forward using public speaking courses designed to help individuals achieve their best when speaking to groups of all sizes.

The tutors at Wepic Voice Consultancy have issued an open invitation to a cheese and wine reception with a short presentation on a new course to give people the skills they need to present their subject.

The event takes place at the Enhance Clinic, Horse Fair, Banbury on Tuesday, January 28 at 7.30pm. It will be run by professional voice coaches James Snee, BA Hons (Bournemouth AI) and Penelope Tasker, BA Hons (RADA).

Voice development training is usually something reserved for the rich and famous,” said Mr Snee, a film, theatre and television actor, voiceover artist and Wepic’s lead coach.

“Every key politician, footballer, presenter, business leader and celebrity has a voice coach. When your expertise is engineering, manufacture, a teaching subject or the law, it doesn’t follow that you are going to be good at speaking about it in public. Our training is accessible and affordable and a wide range of people can benefit from techniques used to guarantee quality vocal performance in the most challenging of circumstances.”

Structured instruction and practice of technique and exercise are used to develop the voice to professional standard.

After the full, ten-week course participants will feel confident in making speeches effectively, leading sessions and making presentations.

“Our course starts in February. The cheese and wine event is designed to let us tell people what to expect and how they can benefit,” said Mr Snee.

The Wepic courses use techniques used by actors to put over information and announcements powerfully, succinctly and clearly. To attend the January 28 event contact 01295 273849.