Future of nurses’ home is uncertain

Nurses' accommodation at The Horton Hospital site
Nurses' accommodation at The Horton Hospital site

Hospital staff have been given notice to quit their on-site accommodation at the Horton.

Nurses, x-ray staff, on-call medics and some Banbury factory workers are among those told they must leave their rooms in a nurses’ home known as the Nuffield House.

Oxford University Hospitals Trust says their staff will be offered alternative accommodation by the private management company A2 Dominion. But it is believed these rooms could be more expensive than those in Nuffield House.

The company has been administering the block for a decade and the lease comes to an end in March.

Plans for the old building – said to be inadequate to meet modern standards – are undecided but the trust said this week: “It will be considered as part of the broader strategy around developing services at the Horton.”

Tanya Reddick, A2Dominion’s regional housing manager, said: “We are working with the trust to offer alternative accommodation to seven tenants employed by the trust.

“There are a further eight tenants, who are not key workers or employed by the trust, who will be required to find alternative accommodation.

“Four rooms for on-call employees will be reallocated into other property opposite.

“There are 15 tenants on short-term contracts who will have already moved out by the time the lease ends in March.”