Former Banbury schoolboy Connor, 17, died after ‘jealousy’ attack

Connor Tremble
Connor Tremble

A jury was told this week that the man on trial for the fatal stabbing of 17-year-old former Banbury schoolboy Connor Tremble was ‘obsessed’ with knives.

Will Blencowe, 21, of Oxford Road, Banbury, appeared in front of a jury at Oxford Crown Court on Monday charged with the murder of the former Blessed George Napier schoolboy in Oxford on February 13.

Connor died at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford from multiple stab wounds two days after the attack.

Opening the case, Richard Barton, prosecuting,said Blencowe - who suffers from mental health difficulties - had attacked Connor on February 13 in a ‘vicious’ attack after finding out he was seeing his former girlfriend Aimee Harrison.

“You will hear from Aimee that she was aware that he owned, carried and regularly posed with a range of knives. To her he seemed obsessed with these weapons,” said Mr Barton and added these included a machete and a flick knife.

He added: “This case concerns how a troubled young man had wholly unwarranted feelings of jealousy and resentment towards his former girlfriend’s new partner.

“These feelings led him, after some planning on his part, to track down and stab to death that young man; the person who he perceived to be his love rival.

“After he fatally wounded the young man he fled the scene in what was in effect an attempt to avoid detection. During that evening he met up with two close friends who knowingly assisted him to avoid detection and prosecution for that vicious attack.”

Appearing alongside Blencowe - who denies murder - is Grant Clemens and Bradley Jones, who both denied aiding him. They are accused of a series of acts tending and intended to pervert the course of public justice between February 12 and 15. Clemens, 24, of Stockwells, Moreton-in-Marsh, and Jones, 21, of New Road, Bledington, are on trial for helping Blencowe avoid detection by providing him with clothes and facilitating transport.

The court heard how Blencowe left his home at Banbury Response Project on the day of the attack shortly after an appointment with his key worker Karen Yearde in which he had told her would soon be ‘dead or in jail. He then travelled to Connor’s flat in Fairacres Road, Oxford. First by train and then by taxi before attacking Connor in his one-bedroom ground floor flat. Mr Barton said that in a ‘terrible coincidence’ the front door of Connor’s flat had just been painted and he had been told to leave it open to dry.

The prosecutor said no one witnessed what happened inside at about 6.30pm, but the teenager’s friend Kyle Martin, who was temporarily staying with him, heard him screaming.

The trial is estimated to last for about two weeks.