Fire crews help factory avoid second blaze

Factory fire at Enstone Business park
Factory fire at Enstone Business park

The manager of an Enstone- based plastics factory has praised firefighters for their swift action which helped contain a fire on Sunday, preventing a repeat of a blaze in May 2012 in which a member of staff had to be rescued from a burning building.

Fire crews from Banbury, Charlbury, Chipping Norton and Woodstock were called to Oxford Plastics at Enstone Airfield at 8.30pm on Sunday after a fire started in a £5 light fitting attached to a silo. Vigilant members of staff saw smoke coming from the light and – remembering the disastrous blaze of 2012 which destroyed a paint store and took 80 firefighters to put out – called 999 immediately.

Oxford Plastic’s operations director David McGee praised firefighters for their diligent response and the foresight of his staff who have undergone extensive fire prevention training since the previous blaze.

He said: “There were only four people on site at the time as we don’t have full manning over the Easter weekend.

“The guys saw the flames and called the fire brigade.

“They came out very quickly and by the time they got here there were no flames. They just wanted to be 100 per cent sure that nothing else was smouldering.

“We are very happy with their diligence.”

Since 2012 the firm has undergone an extensive reorganisation replacing flammable materials with non-flammable PVC plastics and removing LPG and paint stored on site.

Workers have received extensive training and advice from the fire service.

Mr McGee said: “It’s all about reducing the risk and we’ve taken huge steps to reduce it.

“Fire crews stayed on as a precaution but there was no damage and no disruption to production.”