Bid to open new Banbury secondary school

The Warriner School, Bloxham will hold a public meeting on Monday, March 13. NNL-161207-130531009
The Warriner School, Bloxham will hold a public meeting on Monday, March 13. NNL-161207-130531009
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The Warriner School has revealed it is looking to open a new secondary school to cope with the rise in population in Banbury.

The Warriner is hosting a public consultation on Monday evening to discuss the new school, which could be open by 2020.

Principal of The Warriner School Dr Annabel Kay ENGNNL00120140502140004

Principal of The Warriner School Dr Annabel Kay ENGNNL00120140502140004

The proposed new school will be a Church of England secondary and be part of the existing Warriner Multi Academy Trust (WMAT), which consists of three primary schools and the Warriner Secondary School in Bloxham.

Demand for a new school has been supported by an Oxfordshire County Council report which details the 9,000 new homes to be built in and around Banbury as part of the local plan, which will see the demand for school places rise.

The location of any new secondary school is as yet undecided although the report states that: “New schools are expected within most of the larger strategic sites, including Southam Road, Bankside and Salt Way. It is not expected to prove viable to include a new school within the Canalside development, so provision for this and for smaller sites would be through extension of existing schools and/or through another new school.”

Additionally Banbury has seen planning for the addition of five new primary schools to accommodate the forecast growth and demand for educational places.

The OCC report on the demand for secondary school places says: “The town’s secondary schools currently have surplus places in some year groups. These will be eroded as the rising pupil numbers now in the primary sector reach secondary age.”

It goes on to say: “Secondary admission numbers start rising from 2016, with an additional form of entry into Banbury Academy. The planned expansion of The Warriner School) will also support the need for secondary school places in this area.

“Once this is taken into account, there are expected to be sufficient places for 2018, while places for 2020 will be tight, but should be manageable; however it is forecast there will be a shortage of places in 2019 relating to an unusually large cohort currently in the local primary schools, potentially requiring one school to take a “bulge” class if permanent expansion of capacity has not been possible by that time.

“For 2021 and beyond additional capacity will be required.”

WMAT will work with Oxfordshire diocese is looking to create a Church of England secondary school which will be the first in Banbury.

Warriner headteacher Dr Annabel Kay said: “The nearest Church of England secondary school is in Woodstock, there is no provision in Banbury.”

Currently almost 2,500 primary school children attend CofE schools in Banbury but have no option to continue at a C0fE school on leaving.

Opening in 2020 the new secondary school will initially offer four forms of entry with plans to expand to six.

The consultation will be held on Monday March 13 at 6pm at the Warriner School and will be hosted by Dr Kay. It is free and open to the public.