Driver released from car after two-car collision on M40

Fire engine
Fire engine

Two fire engines from Banbury and one from Deddington were called to a road collision on the M40 on Tuesday.

It happened at about 10.35pm on the southbound carriageway near junction 11 and emergency services dealt with a young adult male who was trapped in a car. They issued a lane closure with Thames Valley Police and firefighters used hydraulic rescue equipment to remove the roof of the car to enable the trapped casualty to be released and placed on a spine board.

He was taken to hospital by South Central Ambulance Service, who also treated one other driver involved in the collision.

In the rear boot of the car was the driver’s Labrador dog, which was quickly rescued and did not appear to have suffered any injury.

Matt Davies, crew manager, said: “Although the cause of this incident is not yet clear, we would like to remind drivers that it is important to keep a safe distance between vehicles whilst driving at high speeds; we’d also like to remind drivers to ensure that all loose items and pets are correctly secured or behind suitable covers or guards.”