Don’t let dogs spoil new par

I note the Banbury Flood Alleviation Scheme has now been officially declared ‘open’.

This area is also proposed to become a country park, with all the attendant flora and fauna.

The area has been nicely grassed, new fences have been erected, bat boxes fixed in the trees etc. There is also a sign on the gate stating ‘keep to footpaths, keep dogs on leads’.

I have been watching this development with interest so I took a walk along there on the opening day. A pair of swans was in residence. The water levels were fairly high, prompting a squadron of mallards to descend to the semi-flooded grassland, only to be quickly dispatched skywards again by a pair of Staffie-type dogs whose owner obviously couldn’t read.

I do so hope this area does not become another urban dog exercise yard/toilet, such as Spiceball Park.

I read also there is a plan for a similar park – plus houses – to the west of Banbury. So, people of Drayton and Wroxton, be afraid – this could be coming to a field near you soon!

Mike Minney

Cheney Road


Appalled by driver standards

As what I consider to be an experienced driver, with 53 years of driving with only two accidents, which were proved to not to be my fault, I am absolutely appalled by the standards of many drivers on the road today.

I travel from Banbury to Bloxham seven-days-a-week and now that the weather is getting darker and visibility poorer, it is surprising many drivers do not realise they have lights.

The use of headlights is obviously so the driver can see, but also so that other drivers can see them. Also the lack of signalling needs much to be desired.

Tailgating is a great problem, usually with van delivery drivers.

It makes one wonder whether they are instructed correctly in the first place.

I personally have counted 11 different driving schools in the space of 15 minutes driving from Bloxham back to the Hardwick area in Banbury.

Surely more intensive training should be given and also, on passing their test, the vehicle should be a small CC vehicle with a speed restriction imposed.

At present a 17-year-old can pass their test with little experience and jump straight into a high-powered sports car. Surely this is wrong.

Also, regarding speeding issues and rat runs in Banbury, Beargarden Road has become a problem since the doctors’ surgery has been there. Another speeding issue is Mewburn Road, where drivers tear down the hill to Kingsway.

I would be interested in seeing any other comments.

MS Truss

Sandell Close


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