Dogs spotted on railway line in Banbury

Travellers at Banbury station looked on astonished when two dogs trotted purposely along the main Oxford to Birmingham railway line in front of them yesterday (Monday).

Our film shows the two animals, apparently two of three left out of a trio that inexplicably got onto the line and went walkabout.

Sadly one of the three was hit by a passing Cross Country train in the vicinity of the station and died. Network Rail says it is trying to contact the owner. A second appears on the video footage to be limping.

The film was taken by a Banbury Guardian reader who said: “It happened at about 10.20am. The train was due on platform three at 10.19am. The train waited for the dogs to move and then pulled in about five mins late. We could see staff following the dogs and the tannoy announced there was a obstruction on the tracks.”

Network Rail spokesman Victoria Bradley said: “We received a report of three dogs on the line at approximately 10.20am yesterday. One of the dogs was struck by a train at the station and was killed.

“Our staff searched for the other two dogs but were unable to locate them. The dog that was killed was wearing a collar and so we will be contacting the owners.”